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Gisburn Auction Marts

Client Gisburn Auction Marts

In an environment where heavy footfall is supplemented by hundreds of hooves each week, the durability of flooring is a key concern.

This was especially true of Gisburn Auction Marts near Clitheroe, the location of several livestock sales a week.

Barrowbridge was tasked with the creation and installation of a new, heavy-duty surface for the floor of the auction mart building.

Before any flooring could be put in place, the area had to be cleared to enable the safe and even application.

Firstly, all of the internal steel pens and cubicles were removed, followed by the incumbent weighing scales and shippon shed.

Finally, the existing concrete floor to be replaced was also broken up and removed.

New and improved

The new concrete floor was laid efficiently and evenly by Barrowbridge’s experienced professionals, with site disruption kept to a minimum.

The floor was made ready to receive new pens and the base was laid down for a new weighing scale.
Additional work included the construction of a new sales ring and raised viewing area.

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Wolfen Hall Farm, Chipping

Client Wolfen Hall Farm

This busy livestock production farm near Preston required a number of specialist projects completing by an experienced agricultural contractor.

The construction of a specialist shed structure for the purpose of calving beef cattle formed the main part of the work that Barrowbridge was tasked with.

Following an initial assessment of the site, our experienced team decided the uneven nature of the ground would require some initial excavation work.

In addition, a retaining wall was built as well as the completion of a new road to enable access to and from the new building.


As well as the construction of the external structure and site access, Barrowbridge was also asked to create the calving pen themselves.

This involved the manufacture of all internal robust gates and gateposts to form the separate areas.
The building itself was cladded with farm scape brown fibre cement sheets – supplied by Briarwood Products Ltd – and larch weather boarding.

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Mackintosh, Nelson

Client Mackintosh

Mackintosh is a Japanese owned textile company producing high quality fashion and traditional coats for the World Market.

In September 2012 the Mackintosh Main Board decided to increase Nelson factory production area from 16,500 sq feet to 30,000 sq ft, in order to meet production demands.

We invited four tenders for the project, two of whom were well known National Contractors.

This was not a simple bolt on construction job, but required very careful planning and management, in order that our 94 operatives were not disturbed and production maintained throughout the period.

Following rigorous analysis of the submitted tenders, it was decided that Barrowbridge would be selected [we had no previous association with any of the four contractors].The reasons being:

1. Their submission was the most detailed with the least number of caveats.
2. The price was the most competitive
3. We felt the most comfortable with the management team.

The project which virtually doubled the size of the factory, was completed to time and of course to budget.

One of the most important factors was the amount of downtime in the factory, this was restricted to a total of 30 minutes out of a total of 8 months building work.

In March 2015, it was decided to re-locate our Glasgow factory to a new site [again doubling the factory area].

The site chosen was a virtual shell. In the light of our previous dealings, it was decided that Barrowbridge would be chosen to undertake/manage the project.
This included: Complete new roof, completely refurbished electrics, including new overhead lighting, construction of internal offices, internal factory lined, complete new gas heating, new alarm systems/access control, construction of car parks/ external drains. This on 18000 sqft factory.

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